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Romantic - Zaunk├ÂniG - 07.05.2012

Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Gro├čbritannien / Australien


AND if to be romantic is to gaze,
With throbbing heart and tearful eye, intent
On ocean's breast, where, tremulously bent,
The moon in liquid glory hides her rays,
And see in each soft ray another string
On which, in silvery tone, God's praise to sound,
Till every beam with His high name resound,
And the calm air one peal of gladness ring, -
I only ask to be romantic still!

Israel's sweet singer, whom God's heart did fill,
Touched his rapt harp on lowly Bethlehem;
And, save when song yet nobler strains required,
To swell enraptured some love-lauding theme,
He sweetest sung when Nature's voice inspired.