Second Part - Druckversion

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Second Part - Zaunk├ÂniG - 07.05.2012

Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Gro├čbritannien / Australien

Second Part

But, oh! I said, what hope, what joy have I?
Each onward step leaves farther still behind
My house, my home, where Love did ever bind
Bright garlands; spreading to my raptured eye
Luxuriant scenes of Nature's revelry.
No verdant beauty clothes this naked floor;
A barren landscape all that lies before -
Bleak wold, dark vale, and steep acclivity;
Low wailing of the wind, discordant cries
Of unclean birds, which startled, screaming rise,
The only sounds to break monotony.
What hope for me 'mid scene so sternly wild?
A voice replied, "O worse than wayward child,
A bright hope full of immortality!"