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Where did I put it? Ah, it`s here I see
my Jack-of-all-the-Trades mask, - twisted grin -
check grass, check matches, ciao to kith and kin.
Black trousers, lace shirt, dotted I, crossed t,

I greet my host and hostess civilly,
then mingle, search for bar and loo and bin
and quiet corners for all kinds of sin.
It`s party-time. For them, for us, for me?

It feels poe-esque, this game of twilight zone
and as I`m black and white I twist like smoke,
don`t start no hassle, never stand alone.

The mask is simple, needs nothing en vogue,
just paint that hides and highlights skin and bone.
My face plays all the shades. From saint to rogue.