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Das Team von Eratosphere sucht englische, bisher unveröffentlichte Sonette.
Da ich in diesem Fall mal englisch-Kenntnisse voraussetzte, spare ich mir mal eine Übersetzung und zitiere die Ausschreibung im Wortlaut.

In der Jury übrigens auch Catherine Chandler, in diesem Forum mit einigen übersezuten Texten vertreten.

Also, falls sich jemand berufen fühlt, nichts wie ran, die Zeit ist knapp:

Zitat:Dear Eratosphereans,

The sonnet bake-off this year will run with an exciting twist -- a tag-team of of Distinguished Guests cum Hosts. Get ready for our very own well-known and beloved Eratosphereans, who happen to be well-known Sonnet experts as well, with Nemerov Sonnet Award wins to prove it ... drum rolls for Cathy Chandler and Gail White!

HOW TO SUBMIT: To enter, please send one previously unpublished sonnet per person by email to: ablemusesonnets(AT)gmail(DOT)com with "Sonnet Bake-Off" as the subject and the sonnet in the body of the email, by midnight (U.S. EDT) on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

Gail and Cathy will receive all entries simultaneously and agree on ten finalists. They plan to start posting the ten finalist sonnets, two per day, with their comments, starting on Monday, July 15, ending on Friday, July 19. In order to allow sufficient time for comments on all ten finalists, popular voting for readers’ first, second and third choices will begin on Wednesday, July 24 and end at midnight (EDT) on Saturday, July 27.

Results will be tabulated and a popular winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 30, at which time all ten finalists’ identities will also be divulged. Gail and Cathy will also announce their own top picks.

Please note! New this year: We are asking for previously unpublished sonnets because the top three sonnets will be published in an upcoming issue of Able Muse (i.e. in the biannual review of poetry, prose & art).


Gail White has edited three anthologies and published three books of poetry, the latest being The Accidental Cynic (Prospero’s World Press, 2009). Her work appears in several anthologies, including Villanelles and Killer Verse, both from Pocket Poets. She received the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award in 2012. Her latest chapbook is Sonnets in a Hostile World (White Violet Press, 2011). She lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Catherine Chandler, winner of the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award in 2010, is the author of Lines of Flight (Able Muse Press, 2011), This Sweet Order (White Violet Press, 2012), and Glad and Sorry Seasons (Biblioasis Press, 2014). Her poems, essays, interviews, translations and podcasts have been published in numerous journals and anthologies in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. Recently retired from McGill University (Montreal) where she lectured in Spanish in the Department of Translation Studies and also held the position of International Affairs Officer, Catherine now teaches music theory and performance for the Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs in southwestern Quebec. She fell in love with sonnets when, in 1969, while browsing in a little bookstore in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, suffering from her first broken heart, she saw a copy of Edna St. Vincent Millay's Collected Sonnets and opened it randomly to "Time Does Not Bring Relief". She bought the book for 60 cents (her hourly salary at the local ice cream parlor) and the rest is history.

Participate one, participate all ... and, thank you, and good luck to all participants!