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"What howlings wake me! – my fair olives die!
"Storms shake my bow’r, and drive me to the plain. –
"Ah! direful Anarchy, thy chariots fly
"O’er worlds of weeping babes, o’er worlds of hero’s slain!

"Order! Bright angel down your rainbow glide!
"From the mild bosom of my God appear!
"O’er Gallia spread thy snowy pinions wide –
"O! cool the fever’d mind! and whisper to Despair.

"Envenomn’d and unwelcome war! Will man,
"Long nurse thy furies or prolong thy stay?
"Will not his fine, reflective spirit scan
"Those desolations that have mark’d thy way?

"Yes! – He shall wearied leave thy crimes, and prove,
"All that is worthy MAN, is found with ME and LOVE."