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Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Großbritannien / Australien

Florence Stuart Agnew

WATCHING thy lovely face, I find relief
From weariness and pain. Thou art to me
A wreath of hope upon a cypress tree;
A tear of joy upon the cheek of grief;
A rose-bud, cradled in its mossy berth,
Blushing into its first bright peep of morn,
Unconscious all how near it hides the thorn;
A dew-drop glistening on Life's parched earth;
A spot of verdure on the desert wild;
A sweet soft spring, new burst from mountain side, -
A spring of love, when other streams are dried.
But most my heart is pleased to look, dear child,
On thee, as one for whom Love's flood-gates wide
Drew back, and sent Him forth who for thee died!