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Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Großbritannien / Australien


UNFOLD thy crimson banners to the wind,
And 'neath their gorgeous blazonry will flee
That saint on earth, sweet heaven-born Charity
Fair vagrant! she will flee; nor leave behind
A trace to tell that she her home did find
In thy proud citadel, save that lone man,
Who erewhile was her guest, now sitting wan,
The Lazarus of thy gate - the out of mind!
Uprear thine upas head, and 'neath its shade,
Our gentlest things, all of a higher birth,
Which heaven in kindness planted on this earth, -
Calm Peace, true Love, - will droop away and fade:
Such with'ring might, O Luxury, such death
Exhaleth with thy poison-perfumed breath!