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Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Großbritannien / Australien

A Child Listening to Music

HE stood upon his mother's knee, a child
Most fair and beautiful to look upon;
One dimpled arm around her neck was thrown,
In winning tenderness, - love undefiled!
But as the full, deep tone did higher swell,
He slow relaxed that fondly-clasped embrace;
He drooped his head, then hid his blushing face
Beneath his tiny hands, which ere long fell,
And back he sunk, as to unconscious rest.
It seemed almost that he had ceased to breathe,
But that his full heart's throb did beat and heave
Convulsively against his mother's breast,
Until, o'erburdened with his inly load,
He sobbed, "Oh, mother! tell me - is it God?"