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Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Großbritannien / Australien

BUT, oh, upon the sky to look again!
Not when the lordly sun enthroned does reign
In gaze-defying state - proud pompous glare
Imparting, till broad heaven's cerulean dye
Taunts with its ardent stainlessness the eye,
Which longs to dwell upon a scene so fair;
But I would stand beneath the sky, when there
The twinkling stars are thronging up and round,
Where still the moon, in quietness profound,
Walks through the ethereal field, as maiden fair
By far-off stream, in some deep lonely vale,
Her lingering way at eventide may wind;
While happy thoughts come crowding up her mind,
Like stars at night, each with its pleasant tale.