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Caroline Woolmer Leakey
1827 - 1881 Großbritannien / Australien

First Part

How walk along yon rugged path? I asked,
But found that none, not one would answer me.
How meet the thousand evils there may be,
Beside the dangers to the light unmasked?
How, friendless, uncompanioned, venture forth
Alone, defenceless, on a dreary way,
Unhoused, to droop beneath the tyrant sway
Of battling elements, and storms - wild wrath?
How journey on in solitude so drear,
No kindly smile my loneliness to cheer?
How shall I venture on? Oh! who may tell?
A still small voice then bade me cease to fear,
And gently whispered to mine anxious ear,
"As seeing Him who is invisible!"