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Barron Field
1786 – 1846 Großbritannien / Australien

On Visiting The Spot Where Captain Cook
And Sir Joseph Banks First Landed In Botany Bay

HERE fix the tablet. This must be the place
Where our Columbus of the South did land;
He saw the Indian village on that sand,
And on this rock first met the simple race
Of Australasia, who presum'd to face
With lance and spear his musquet. Close at hand
Is the clear stream, from which his vent'rous band
Refresh'd their ship; and thence a little space
Lies Sutherland, their shipmate; for the sound
Of Christian burial better did proclaim
Possession, than the flag, in England's name.
These were the commelinae Banks first found;
But where's the tree with the ship's wood-carv'd fame ?

Fix then th' Ephesian brass. 'Tis classic ground.