Normale Version: To the Emperor William II
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Francis William Lauderdale Adams
1862 - 1893 Australien

To the Emperor William II

Son of a Man and grandson of a Man,
Mannikin most miserable in thy shrunken shape
And peevish, shrivelled soul, is't thou wouldst, ape
The thunder-bearer of Fate's blustering clan?

Know, then, that never, since the years began,
The terrible truth was surer of this word:
"Who takes the sword, shall perish by the sword!"
For mankind's nod makes mannikin and man.

Surely it was not shed too long ago,
That Emperor's blood that stained the northern snow,
O thou King Stork aspiring that art King Log,
Wild-boar that wouldst be, reeking there all hog,
To teach thy brutish brainlessness to know
Those who pulled down a Lion can shoot a Dog.