Normale Version: Rouland when first I red thy stately rymes
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Rouland when first I red thy stately rymes
In Sheepheards weedes, when yet thou liu'dst vnknowne,
Not seene in publique in those former tymes,
But vnto Ankor tund'st thy Pype alone
I then beheld thy chaste Ideas fame
Put on the wings of thine immortall stile,
whose rarest vertues, and deserued name
Thy Muse renowns throughout this glorious Ile,
Thy lines, like to the Lawrells pleasant shade,
In after ages shall adorne her Herse,
Nor can her beauties glory fade
Deckt in the collours of thy happy verse.
Thy fiery spirit mounts vp to the skye,
And what thou writ'st liues to Eternitye.