Normale Version: TO Lucie Countesse of Bedford
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and most accomplisht Ladie: Lucie
Countesse of Bedford.

Great Ladie, essence of my cheefest good,
Of the most pure and finest tempred spirit
Adornd with gifts, enobled by the blood,
Which by discent true vertue do'st inherit;
That vertue which no fortune can depriue,
Which most in honor shall excell the other;
Vnto thy fame my Muse her selfe shall taske,
Which rain'st vpon mee thy sweet golden shower
And but thy selfe, no subiect will I aske,
Vpon whose praise my soule shall spend her power.
Sweet Ladie then, grace this poore Muse of mine,
Whose faith, whose zeale, whose life, whose all is thine.