Normale Version: Idea 38: SITTING alone, Love bids me go and write
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SITTING alone, Love bids me go and write ;
Reason plucks back, commanding me to stay,
Boasting that she doth still direct the way,
Or else Love were unable to endite.
Love, growing angry, vexèd at the spleen
And scorning Reason's maimèd argument,
Straight taxeth Reason, wanting to invent,
Where she with Love conversing hath not been.
Reason, reproachèd with this coy disdain,
Despiteth Love, and laugheth at her folly ;
And Love, contemning Reason's reason wholly,
Thought it in weight too light by many a grain ;
Reason, put back, doth out of sight remove,
And Love alone picks reason out of love.