Normale Version: Ayton, Robert: Faire famous flood, which sometyme did devyde
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Sir Robert Ayton
1569 - 1638

Faire famous flood, which sometyme did devyde
But now conjoynes two diadems in one,
Suspend thy pace and some more softly slyde;
Since wee have made the trinchman of our mone
And since non's left but thy report alone
To show the world our captaines last farewell
That courtesye I knowe when wee are gon
Perhapps your lord the sea will it reveale
And you againe the same will not conceale
But straight proclaim't through all his bremish bounds
Till his high tydes these flowing tydeings tell
And soon will send them with his murmering sounds
To that religious place, whose stately walls
Does keepe the heart which all our hearts inthralls.