Normale Version: STIRLING, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Earl of: O now I thinke, and do not thinke amisse,
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1567 - 1640 Schottland / Canada

O now I thinke, and do not thinke amisse,
That th'old philosophers were all but fooles,
Who us'd such curious questions in their schools,
Yet could not apprehend the highest blisse.
Lo, I have learn'd in th' Academe of Love,
A maxime which they never understood:
To love and belov'd, this is the good,
Which for most sov'raigne all the world will prove,
That which delights us most must be our treasure:
And to what greater joy can one aspire,
Then to possesse all that he doth desire,
Whil'st two united soules do melt in pleasure?
This is the greatest good can be invented,
That is so great it cannot be augmented.