Normale Version: STIRLING, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Earl of: Hughe hosts of thoughts imbattled in my brest
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1567 - 1640 Schottland / Canada

Hughe hosts of thoughts imbattled in my brest,
Are ever buised with intestine warres,
And like to Cadmus earth-borne troupes at jarres,
Have spoil'd my soule of peace, themselves of rest.
Thus forc'd to reape such seed as I have sowne,
I (having interest in this doubtfull strife)
Hope much, feare more, doubt most, unhappie life.
What ever side prevaile, I'm still orethrowne:
O neither life nor death! ô both, but bad
Imparadiz'd, whiles in mine owne conceit,
My fancies straight againe imbroyle my state,
And in a moment make me glad and sad.
Thus neither yeeling quite to this nor that,
I live, I die, I do I wot not what.