Normale Version: Fowler, William: I walk within this wood to vent my woes
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William Fowler
1560 - 1612

I walk within this wood to vent my woes,
Remembring all my greiffs and endles grones,
Whils growing joyes deip ad conceates orgoes
And loades my hart with love and mynde with mones;

The playsant singing birds my plaints expones;
My teares from springs and wells semes to discend;
Yea, baith the highest hills and hardest stones,
Gif eare they have, a eare to me extend.

Then att the aecks and allers that perpend
My plaints I speire, quhat way will they me feid,
If for to stey with theme I condiscend:
"On grene," say they, "for grene dois hope ay breid,

Which fedethe wrachles as by proofe they prove
And brings disparing saules some ease in love."