Normale Version: Fowler, William: The day is done, the sunn dothe ells declyne
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William Fowler
1560 - 1612

The day is done, the sunn dothe ells declyne,
Night now approaches and the moone appeares,
The twinkling starrs in firmament dois schyne,
Decoring with the poolle there circled spheres;

The birds to nest, wyld beasts to denns reteirs,
The moving leafes unmoved now repose,
Dew dropps dois fall, the portraicts of my teares,
The waves within the seas theme calmlye close:

To all things nature ordour dois impose
Bot not to love that proudlye doith me thrall,
Quha all the dayes and night, but chainge or choyse,
Steirs up the coales of fyre unto my fall

And sawes his breirs and thornes within my hart,
The fruits quhairoff ar duble greiff, grones and smart.