Normale Version: Montgomerie, Alexander: Swete nichtingale, in holene grene that hants
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Alexander Montgomerie
ca. 1545 - 1610

Swete nichtingale, in holene grene that hants
To sport thy self and speciall in the spring;
Thy chivring chirlis, whilks chainginglie tou chants,
Maks all the roches round about the ring,

Whilk slaiks my sorow so to heir the sing
And lighs my loving langour at the leist.
Yit thoght thou sees not, sillie, saikles thing,
The peircing pykis brods at thy bony breist.

Evin so am I by plesur lykwyis preist,
In gritest danger whair I most delyte.
Bot since thy song for shoring hes not ceist,
Suld feble I, for feir, my conqueis quyt?

Na, na - I love the freshest Phoenix fair,
In beuty, birth, in bounty but compair!