Normale Version: Montgomerie, Alexander: So swete a kis yistrene fra thee I reft
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Alexander Montgomerie
ca. 1545 - 1610

So swete a kis yistrene fra thee I reft
In bowing down thy body on the bed,
Than ein my lyfe within thy lippis I left.
Sensyne from thee my spirits wald never shed;

To folow thee it from my body fled
And left my corps als cold as ony kie.
Bot when the danger of my death I dred,
To seik my spreit I sent my harte to thee;

Bot it wes so inamored with thyn ee,
With thee it myndit lykwyse to remane;
So thou hes keepit captive all the thrie,
More glaid to byde then to returne agane.

Except thy breath thare places had suppleit,
Even in thyn armes thair doutles had I deit.