Normale Version: Hanson, Martha: To Disappointment
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To Disappointment

Birthright of Poets! all, to which they claim
On the wide Earth, an undisputed right.
Thou! whose dark clouds veil with the gloom of night,
Each flatt'ring promise of a rising Fame.

Pale Disappointment! think not that my breast,
(Tho' gath'ring round, thy thick'ning sea of clouds,
With murky gloom, my life's gay morning shrouds)
Shall skrink before thy chilling frown oppress'd.

To new exertion rous'd, my soul shall tow'r,
With strength superiour to thy deadly hate,
Though with industrious care, malignant Fate,

With Grief should poison ev'ry future hour:
And since she can't avert, shall firmly bear
The Ills ordain'd by Heav'n, a Poet's share.