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Martha Hanson
fl. 1809

To the Glow-Worm

Bright Insect! who delight'st in shades to dwell,
And shed at Ev'ning's hour, thy modest ray;
I love to see thee, when alone I stray,
Spangling the bank that skirts the lonely dell.

To me, thy glimmering light is ever dear;
I love to view thee on the grassy blade,
What time mild Eve bathes, with a crystal tear,
Each closing flow'r, which decks the silent shade.

And still, as Night arrays with duskier hue
The scene around, thou shed'st a brighter ray,
(While balmy Zephyrs through the foliage play)

To guide the Pilgrim o'er the nightly dew.
Ah! that the Star of Hope, like thee, would deign,
To guide my footsteps, o'er Life's dreary plain!