Normale Version: Avery, Benjamin Parke: A WILD NOSEGAY.
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Benjamin Parke Avery
1828-1875 USA


SWEET-SCENTED messengers from landscape green,
Thy presence is a blessing in my cot,
A still memento of each sunny spot,
Or shaded, where my wandering feet have been
In search of thee. The winding, wet ravine,
Luxuriant with golden flowers; the grot
Beneath the live-oak, where small blossoms dot
The mossy rock, and humming-birds are seen
To flash and quiver through the tremulous leaves
Of snowy buckeye; and the mountain steep
Or wooded summit, where sad zephyr grieves
Forever through the branches of the pine;--
All helped to form thee, and thou still dost keep
Their charms before me, which I blend with thine.