Normale Version: But Jesus Slept
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But Jesus Slept

'But Jesus slept.' The inland sea was wild,
And the good son of Mary was asleep,
For sleep He did, an infant meek and mild,
When fain He would, and fain He would not weep;

As peevish, fond, as any other child,
Close to the Virgin breast He long'd to creep,
And feel the warmth of mother undefiled.
And now the Shepherd of the chosen sheep,

Doth He not watch? Oh, vain and faithless quest!
He slept a man, - but, lo! He wakes our God!
What man is this, at whose almighty nod

The winds are still, and every wave at rest?
'Tis He whose seeming sleep approves our faith,
But ever wakes to save us from the death.