Normale Version: The Jewish Captives
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The Jewish Captives

By the smooth streams of haughty Babylon
The Jewish Captives sat them down and wept, -
Wept for their king, their country, and their home.
Jerusalem's remembrance, duly kept,

Shadow'd the aspect of a beauteous land,
Darken'd the sun, and ruffled the soft waves;
But chiefly sorrow'd the unhappy band
At the rude taunts of unbelieving slaves.

'Sing us a song!' cried they, 'a song of mirth!'
How could they plume the wing and soar on high,
Forgetful of their sorrow's recent birth,

The dread fulfilment of each prophecy?
Ah no! Jerusalem, they remember'd thee,
And could not touch the harp in thy adversity.