Normale Version: Noel, The Hon. Roden: BY THE SEA.
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AH ! wherefore do I haunt the shadowy tomb,
My joyless days and nights among the dead ?
Know ye not he, my radiant Sun who fled.
With faint surmise consoles yon awful gloom,
Afar, upon the weltering sea's wan lead ?
Behold a tremulous, ghostly gold illume
That unrevealing mystery of Doom,
Ashpale, mute wastes impenetrable ! one dread
O'erwhelming purple incumbent o'er the coast.
Into the Presence-Chamber of dim Death
He hath been summoned ! and I hold my post
Here in the shadow, athirst for one low breath
Released from yonder ! leave me ! I love my Night
More than abounding pulses of your Light !