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Written at the time of the Bulgarian massacre, when England was on the point of lending armed support to the Turk against Russia.


STAIN not thy soul with the unholy strife,
England, my country ! hear the mothers wail
At loathsome knees of murderers, whose knife
Will be less cruel to their children pale
Than those embraces with pollution rife !
Their innocents for whom they long to trail
Themselves through hells of horrible infamy !
In calm sweet homes men madden ; their wild eye
Scowls on the bloody shroud that veils their life !
They curse the Tyrant, who misrules the world,
Sobbing above their darlings turned to stone ;
c O strong Deliverer, who of old hast hurled
The oppressor low, arise Thou, powerful one !
She thrusts them back : her music is their moan !


WILT thou arouse thee from low lethargy,
Only to hurl these helpless lambs to slaughter,
And fouler outrage ? Souls who appeal to thee !
Therefore the Lord to blood shall change thy water,
Sea queen ! for scorn named mother of the free !
Therefore innumerable ghostly laughter
Shall peal above thy vaunted empire's tomb,
What time thy pride is gathered to the gloom
Of dissolution ! all shall point with glee
To the dead corse of thy colossal strength,
'There lies she who, for power and for gold,
Betrayed the innocent ! laid low at length,
Who once to right the wrong towered grandly bold,
Liberty's own impregnable stronghold !