Normale Version: Newman, John Henry, Cardinal: MELCHIZEDEK.
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' Withoutfather, without mothery "without descent; having neither beginning of days
nor end of life .'

THRICE bless'd are they, who feel their loneliness ;
To whom nor voice of friends nor pleasant scene
Brings that on which the saddened heart can lean ;
Yea the rich earth, garb'd in her daintiest dress
Of light and joy doth but the more oppress,
Claiming responsive smiles and rapture high ;
Till sick at heart, beyond the veil they fly,
Seeking His Presence, who alone can bless.
Such, in strange days, the weapons of Heaven's grace ;
When passing o'er the high-born Hebrew line,
He forms the vessel of His vast design ;
Fatherless, homeless, reft of age and place,
Severed from earth, and careless of its wreck,
Born through long woe His rare Melchizedek.