Normale Version: Monkhouse, Cosmo: TRUST me in all, for all my will is thine
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TRUST me in all, for all my will is thine
To serve thee in all things most faithfully ;
Thy henchman, asking for no nobler fee
Than that same trust, which I repay with mine.
Trust me, but trust me not as aught divine ;
Trust me with eyes wide open to all ill,
Giving thy faith, but keeping fast thy will,
Lest in one evil scheme we both combine.
Trust me as honest, knowing I am weak,
Stronger, but yet as much in need of aid,
Losing no step through faith, and not afraid To say,
c We shall not find there what we seek
Lean on me, love, but not so utterly
That if I stumble, thou shouldst helpless be.