Normale Version: Hayley, William: To Mrs. Hayley, On her Voyage to America. 1784
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Thou vexed Atlantic, who hast lately seen
Britain's vain thunder on her offspring hurled,
And the blind parent, in her frantic spleen,
Pouring weak vengeance on a filial world!

Thou, whose rough bilows in loud fury curled,
Have roared indignant under many a keel;
And while contention all her sails unfurled,
Have groaned the weight of ill-starred war to feel;

Now let thy placid waters gaily bear
A freight far differing from blood-thirsty steel;
See Hayley now to cross thy flood prepare,
A female merchant, fraught with friendly zeal!

Give her kind gales, ye spirits of the air,
Kind as her heart, and as her purpose fair!