Normale Version: On a Frightful Dream
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This morn ere yet had rung the matin peal,
The cursed Merlin, with his potent spell,
Aggrieved me sore, and from his wizard cell,
(First fixing on mine eyes a magic seal)

Millions of ghosts and shadowy shapes let steal;
Who, swarming round my couch, with horrid yell,
Chattered and mocked, as though from deepest Hell
They had escaped. - I oft, with fervent zeal,

Essayed, and prayer, to mar the enchanter's power.
In vain; for thicker still the crew came on,
And now had weighed me down, but that the day

Appeared, and Phoebus, from his eastrn tower,
With new-tricked beam, like truth immortal, shone,
And chased the visionary forms away.