Normale Version: Judkin, Thomas James: Special Pleading
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Special Pleading

Gentle, it is my wont, when newly writ
A sonnet, madrigal, or ode, to show
The same to Emily, that I may know
By her sweet face (taste’s dial) if in it

Be aught unworthy of a poet’s fit;
And with the knittings of her altered brow,
Or with the playful smiles that come and go,
I hold no parle but instantly commit,

Or not, such brain-work to the flames. Thus, Sir,
I now beseech, in Courtesy’s good name,
Where there is need thou wilt but gently blame,

Seeing that half the fault belongs to her;
Yet speak thy best praise freely when ‘t is due,
Since one kind word for her, to me is two.