Normale Version: A PRAYER IN THE DARK.
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I STRETCH my hand out through the lonesome night,
My helpless hand, and pray Thee, Lord, to lead
My ignorant steps, and help me at my need:
Far off from home, pity my hapless plight,
And through the darkness guide me on to light!
I have no hope unless my cry Thou heed,—
Be merciful; for I am lost, indeed,
Unless thy rising sun the darkness smite.
How shall I find, who know not how to seek?
Kindle my soul, enlighten my dull mind;
My heart is heavy, and my faith is weak,—
A stone am I, and deaf and dumb and blind,—
Unhelped of Thee my footsteps helpless stray,—
Have pity, Thou, and lead me to the Day!