Normale Version: Neal, Alice Bradley: THE CHURCH.
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"I will show thee the bride, the Lamb's wife."

—Rev.xxi. 9.
CLAD in a robe of pure and spotless white,
The youthful bride with timid step comes forth
To greet the hand to which she plights her troth,
Her soft eyes radiant with a strange delight.
The snowy veil which circles her around
Shades the sweet face from every gazer's eye,
And thus enwrapt, she passes calmly by —
Nor casts a look but on the unconscious ground.
So should the Church, the bride elect of Heaven, —
Remembering Whom she goeth forth to meet,
And with a truth that cannot brook deceit
Holding the faith, which unto her is given —
Pass through this world, which claims her for a while,
Nor cast about her longing look, nor smile.