Normale Version: Out of doors while the Hamlet is sleeping
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Out of doors while the Hamlet is sleeping

While thus I wander, cheerless and unblest,
And find in change of place no change of pain,
In tranquil sleep the village laborers rest,
And taste repose that I pursue in vain.

Hushed is the hamlet now; and faintly gleam
The dying embers from the casement low
Of the thatched cottage, while the Moon’s wan beam
Lends a new lustre to the dazzling snow.

O’er the cold waste, amid the freezing night,
Scarce heeding whither, desolate I stray.
For me, pale eye of evening! thy soft light
Leads to no happy home; my weary way

Ends but in dark vicissitude of care:
I only fly from doubt to meet despair.