Normale Version: Thompson, John R.: Sonnets to Winter - 3
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Sonnets to Winter
(Tenzone mit John Esten Cooke)

3 - Old Books to Read

Reach from their dusty places of repose
A Virgil’s lay or “Livy’s pictured page,”
The varied lore of an Augustan age, -
What visions panoramic they disclose!

With o’er-attentive faculties we hear
The wandering minstelsy of Scio’s bard, -
Poor houseless tenant of a life ill-starred, -
Or catch the minister-music of the seer

Chanting of Paradise “and all our woe.”
Then, with the Christian pilgrim for our guide,
We safely pass the dark and bridgeless tide

To Beulah’s land, where flowerest ever blow,
Of Shakespeare’s heroes trace the storied line,
Or weigh the mercies of the Book divine!