Normale Version: HITHER, the gray and shapely church beside,
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HITHER, the gray and shapely church beside,
At sandy Hingham, by the sounding sea,
From the disturbing town escaped thus wide,
I 'm come, from all encumbering care set free,
To raise the choral song, with friends discourse,
Roam the wide fields for flowers, or seaward sail,
Or to Cohasset's strand repair, where hoarse
Tumultuous surges chant their ceaseless tale;
Or poesy entertain, grave Wordsworth's lays,
Melodious musing childhood's glorious prime,
Shakespeare's warm sonnets or Venetian plays,
Or that sad wizard Mariner's marvellous Rime.
Here in these haunts, this lovers' company,
Sweet Love's symposium hold we happily.