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Zum 500.sten von Michelangelos David

This silly game of marbles is played out,
a stranger´s hand has shot it to its end,
with his first stroke he built up a redoubt,
which none will overcome and none can mend.

Five centuries are gone around the bend,
since Buonarotti broke him out of jail,
to show the world what none could comprehend,
but he saw clearly through the stony veil:

Smooth, fluent lines, a dreamboat of a male
reposes with a look, “Come, make my day”,
impacted by this stone all gazers pale,
his slingshot hits from centuries away.

I `m sure both had the mystic`s inner eye,
their hands are still, - yet still - their missiles fly.
Hallo sneaky,

Ich bin gerade auf ein Sonett von William Leighton gestoßen, mit der gleichen Thematik, das ich gerne mal gegenüberstellen möchte.

William Leighton war US-Amerikaner, lebte 1833 - 1911 und hat ein ganzes Buch mit Sonetten über Florenz geschrieben.

The Narrow Stone

Around a block of marble sculptors stood,
With careful measures; and they cried, "Too thin!
A handsome bit of stone; but who could win
Heroic shape from this?" - "The stone is good!"

A calm voice said; but scorn and laughter rude
Greeted the master, who, amidst their din,
Saw, with creative eye, his task begin;
Beheld how he would shape the attitude

To suit the narrow limits. In that block
He saw the imprisioned might of David lie;
Saw how the champion's glorious form would show

When he had cut his hero from the rock,
Giving to deathless immortality
The shepherd Jew and Michelangiolo.