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Alcott, Amos Bronson


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  1. FREEDOM'S first champion in our fettered land! (0 Antworten)
  2. NOBLY censorious of our transient age, (0 Antworten)
  3. BOLD Saint, thou firm believer in the Cross, (0 Antworten)
  4. T WAS when the land was struggling to break free (0 Antworten)
  5. PEOPLE'S Attorney, servant of the Right! (0 Antworten)
  6. POET of the Pulpit, whose full-chorded lyre (0 Antworten)
  7. STILL held in sweet remembrance thou, my friend, (0 Antworten)
  8. ROMANCER, far more coy than that coy sex! (0 Antworten)
  9. ADVENTUROUS mariner! in whose gray skiff, (0 Antworten)
  10. SWEET saint! whose rising dawned upon the sight (0 Antworten)
  11. BRIGHT visions of my sprightlier youthful days, (0 Antworten)
  12. WHILST from the cloistered schools rushed forth in view (0 Antworten)
  13. MUCH do they wrong our Henry, wise and kind, (0 Antworten)
  14. WHO nearer Nature's life would truly come (0 Antworten)
  15. INTERPRETER of the Pure Reason's laws, (0 Antworten)
  16. PRIEST of the gladsome tidings, old and new, (0 Antworten)
  17. THOU, Sibyl rapt! whose sympathetic soul (0 Antworten)
  18. DEAR Lady! oft I meditate on thee, (0 Antworten)
  19. HIEROPHANT, and lyrist of the soul! (0 Antworten)
  20. MISFORTUNE to have lived not knowing thee! (0 Antworten)
  21. DAUGHTER of Memory! who her watch doth keep (0 Antworten)
  22. CHANNING! my Mentor whilst my thought was young, (0 Antworten)
  23. CHRISTIAN beloved! devoid of art and wile, — (0 Antworten)
  24. MY thought revives at utterance of thy name, — (0 Antworten)
  25. IN Youth's glad morning, when the rising East (0 Antworten)
  26. CALM vale of comfort, peace, and industry, (0 Antworten)
  27. DEAR Heart! if aught to human love I've owed (0 Antworten)
  28. T WAS not permitted thee the Fates to please, (0 Antworten)
  29. WHEN I remember with what buoyant heart, (0 Antworten)
  30. DAUGHTER, beloved of all, thy tender eye, (0 Antworten)
  31. NOT Wordsworth's genius, Pestalozzi's love, (0 Antworten)
  32. MY Lady reads, with judgment and good taste, (0 Antworten)
  33. HITHER, the gray and shapely church beside, (0 Antworten)
  34. ANCESTRAL tendencies far down descend; (0 Antworten)
  35. UNCONQUERABLE and inviolate (0 Antworten)
  36. NOW I no longer wait my love to tell, (0 Antworten)
  37. MEAN are all titles of nobility, (0 Antworten)
  38. THE morning's clear, the sky without a frown, (0 Antworten)
  39. T IS but a half-hour's walk the Mill-Dam o'er, (0 Antworten)
  40. MOST precious leaves the mail delights to bring, (0 Antworten)
  41. THE April rains are past, the frosts austere, — (0 Antworten)
  42. NOT all the brilliant beauties I have seen, (0 Antworten)
  43. AH! why so brief the visit, short his stay? (0 Antworten)
  44. AUSPICIOUS morn, com'st opportune, unbought? (0 Antworten)