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Ficke, Arthur Davison

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  1. Now from the living fountains of my thought (0 Antworten)
  2. Out of the dusk into whose gloom you went, (0 Antworten)
  3. They brought me tidings; and I did not hear (0 Antworten)
  4. Across the shaken bastions of the year (0 Antworten)
  5. There are strange shadows fostered of the moon, (0 Antworten)
  6. This is a record of what has not been, (0 Antworten)
  7. What if some lover in a far-off Spring, (0 Antworten)
  8. I needs must know that in the days to come" (0 Antworten)
  9. There is a sickness in my channelled blood,-- (0 Antworten)
  10. The clouds that steal across the sun of June (0 Antworten)
  11. Seldom the powers of heaven or hell declare (0 Antworten)
  12. There is a love that bursts all hindering bars, (0 Antworten)
  13. A world of beauty and a reign of law-- (0 Antworten)
  14. When men no longer hear the sunrise-hail (0 Antworten)
  15. Pale star whose light is dearer than all days,-- (0 Antworten)
  16. What! shall all thwartings of malignant chance (0 Antworten)
  17. What Beatrice was, so much you are (0 Antworten)
  18. Well, now they know! the world's malicious arms (0 Antworten)
  19. I held no trust in this, that it should last! (0 Antworten)
  20. Low suns and moons, long days and spacious nights, (0 Antworten)
  21. Through vales of Thrace, Peneus' stream is flowing (0 Antworten)
  22. Fields far below us,--silence in the wood,-- (0 Antworten)
  23. Now, O belovèd, in this pausing hour (0 Antworten)
  24. I have not brought you asphodel, or laid (0 Antworten)
  25. To-day put by the tumult of our wars, (0 Antworten)
  26. Are you the same? You love me as of old? (0 Antworten)
  27. Strange modern world wherein our days are passed,-- (0 Antworten)
  28. You mean, my friend, you do not greatly care (0 Antworten)
  29. In the fair picture of my life's estate (0 Antworten)
  30. You are not peace, you are not happiness; (0 Antworten)
  31. Over profoundest deeps, light lacy foam (0 Antworten)
  32. What is he but a common gutter-cur, (0 Antworten)
  33. You are unworthy any man's desires. (0 Antworten)
  34. Now jewelled, alight, you lead the midnight dances (0 Antworten)
  35. There stretch between us wonder-woven bonds, (0 Antworten)
  36. I see the days stretch out in wavering line (0 Antworten)
  37. To-day, grown rich with what I late have won, (0 Antworten)
  38. Ah, life is good! And good thus to behold (0 Antworten)
  39. Strange! to remember that I late was fain (0 Antworten)
  40. The entrails of a cat,--some rusty wood,-- (0 Antworten)
  41. O rare and holy, O taper lit for me (0 Antworten)
  42. It was the night, the night of all my dreams. (0 Antworten)
  43. I have seen beauties where light stabs the hills (0 Antworten)
  44. Joy, like a faun, her beautiful young head (0 Antworten)
  45. I am in love with high far-seeing places (0 Antworten)
  46. Take you my brushes, child of light, and lay (0 Antworten)
  47. Did not each poet amorous of old (0 Antworten)
  48. Come forth! for Spring is singing in the boughs (0 Antworten)
  49. Your beauty is as timeless as the earth; (0 Antworten)
  50. Farewell, thou are too dear for my possessing! (0 Antworten)
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